Why We’re Here



                               Is a label of Strength.


 We strongly believe:

Spending your time and your money however you want is your freedom.

How you choose to interact with the world is an opportunity for you to actively participate in changing the narrative, one purchase at time.


The aim is to provide services, support and mentoring. Focusing on the plight of women victims of sexual violence. Fashion is the vehicle we aim to use in creating the change we desire to see in Africa; where every woman should be respected, irrespective of her status. To see every woman, free from oppression and abuse.


Our initiative is to see every hard working woman excel, irrespective of where they’re from or where they live. The Tonbey woman combines femininity with practicality. She is constantly busy with her self- development.


We don’t just want to sell a product; we’re selling an impact. A consistent lifestyle of giving back. Every time you buy an item, you’re not only contributing to a cause, you’re joining voices with ours to send a message that every woman deserves love.


To us, being transparent with you about the small steps we are taking towards community and uplifting those during hardship for the greater good is our responsibility, and we’d be striving to do better everyday.


It’s a start but we’ll keep you updated along the way.


Let’s do this together.




                                Joy Ikumoinein 


                                                     TONBEY LONDON